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A man walks into bar carrying a nondescript glass bottle of beer. The bartender speaks up in a harsh tone "We don't allow outside drink here buddy! If you're drinking here, you're buying it from here! The man replies, "Oh I'm sorry, it's just that this isn't a normal beer. Every time you take a swig from it, you are granted one wish!" The bartender, who is at this point getting visibly irritated, "I ain't got no time for fairy tales. Screw off!" The man seemingly unfazed by this anger tells him, "I'm not any kind of liar. I have three sips left. You can have them if you want." The bartender snatches the bottle with his unwashed hands from the man. "Fine" he says gruffly "I'll drink your magic beer."
He thinks for a brief minute and says to himself, "I wish I had an expensive sports car." and takes a drink from the bottle. No later then a second later, a Ferrari pulls up into the driveway. It is a sleek and dark red color. It was of the latest model and did not have a single scratch whatsoever. The bartender's eyes pop wide open in astonishment and he quickly makes his second wish, "I wish I had a beautiful girlfriend!". And he took another drink. No later than five seconds, A leggy 5'7 blonde bombshell steps out of the entrance. She dons a short white skirt, Long red stiletto heels and a jet black spaghetti strap top. The bartender starts to sweat and looks a little nervous. "And my final wi-EUGHAAAHGGHHH!" The bartender collapses from the floor drooling from the mouth. It turns out that the liquor he was drinking was 180-proof alcohol that his old liver could not take. The blonde woman steps back and lets out a disgusting shriek. "Ewww, this old ugly hobo just ODed on the floor. Can we go somewhere else for drinks Jeremy?"
Her boyfriend replies, "Yeah good idea babe. This place looks a trash heap anyway. You deserve better." The couple do not hesitate in stepping into their sleek red Ferrari and driving off. The man who had given the bartender the beer proceeded to check the dead man's pockets and rob it of all of it's contents. Nobody ever caught the man, and not a single person in the bar cared enough about the bartender to call 911.

Moral of the story: Magic does not exist and life sucks.


Good work kids, I would have told you later, but had to know how deep their infiltration had gone. Tell Necrissa that we where convinced she had gone down, and that we are all relieved to know she is alive.

I an Liz gave them the coordinates for Ground Zero, whose members we where able to get to safe locations yesterday, Its time to play a game of diversionary tactics here.

We are expecting our enemies to arrive at, and enter Ground Zero, at that point we will seal the entire damn bunker off and detonate the whole thing, this should not only buy us enough time, but also allow us to pick off whichever enemy targets make it out alive. While our main communication lines are still largely unsafe, I have discovered several other ways we can communicate trough the internet without exposing ourselves.

So far only I and some of the boys have received minor wounds and will make it trough, at ease, if we have counted our enemies right, there is no reason you should fear any reprisal, their numbers are dropping hard and fast.

There is no reason to search for Nero1 trough 6 they are all down for good, I suppose its time to let the second generation take over from here on, as you know, I always have a backup plan, and as such you might leave the designated sectors and join us at Ground Zero or secure other areas, this time I leave the method of aproach and tactics up to you, as I am literally losing my mind because of the fever and the fucking cold here, still I ask that you send fifty of you to check of for Liz and her family, remain there until this is over.

In time we can leave this for the authorities, but the remaining sectors not under our control, and not to mention whatever people the authorities send, so I leave this all up to you.

Seems like most, if not all of the members these assholes executed where those that infiltrated us to begin with for whichever reason, as such the body count for those we can consider our own remains at least for now, minimal at worst.

By the way (I almost forgot, health not so good here) our team managed to sever their communications, so they are left in the dark just like us... Which means we got every tactical advantage.

The only thing that bothers me now, is that we have no choice but to bury Ground Zero, that thing cost us a fortune and too much time and effort to construct, with that said, it is already loaded with enough explosives to sink four cruisers (better to overdo it than leave these assholes alive)

Not sure about you boys, but as far as I am concerned, this will soon be over, as for their leader (lets simply call him "Ivan") he is nowhere to be found, and unless you caught him (or worse killed him, both things id expect you to let me know by now) he is aproaching Ground Zero at this moment, meaning that he is indeed sending everything at us.

So far he has told us that he is part of a much larger force, if this turns out to be true, then I dunno about you Shadow Men, but I believe that this would mean it is time for payback, not necessarily for revenge, but to make sure this never repeats itself.

Consider this all good news men, I long suspected there where many many bogus members among us, and now it seems their superiors have cleaned them all up for us leaving those truly loyal and a fresh start.

We can mourn the loss of our "Nero`s" later, for now I suggest you wait until Ground Zero is down, and await further orders.

If all goes well, it wont matter if they can hear us or not in fact I want their leader to hear us by then, and do not worry, he is not at any location we might know of, but this way, we might be able to easily lure him out, and finally find out if this is his own little solo operation, or if he is part of something bigger.

Final note: Now that we know who`s really on our side, expect reinforcements, there are more shadows out there, meaning that if you have had an easy time so far, things should be piece of cake from now on, they will identify themselves as per usual and bring you further... "assets" for our continued success.

I am pretty sure this is far from over though, I happen to have met and trained with this "Ivan" a few years ago, and he works for the highest bidder meaning he is unfortunately working for someone with the cash to pay for at least one army, on the bright side, whatever higher ups sent him, they havent gotten anything for their moneys worth.

Plan summary: Wait for the second and third batch of "shadows" to join up with you in just a few hours, then retake the remaining sectors, in the meantime the rest of us are freezing our asses off at the fittingly named Ground Zero which we KNOW the enemy is coming for, hopefully anytime soon, we will wait for about half of their force to enter the base, then drive the rest inside what they are bound to believe will give them the tactical advantage, and then trigger a small remote explosive, which should cause a major chain reaction, killing them all except for "Ivan" which prefers watching at the sidelines, good for us, bad for him.

Gotta leave for a while now, I am still very delusional from this fever thing and seeing shit that is not there, so unless I take it easy, things might get a bit more complicated.

Seriously boys, before your main man came up with a bit of old fashion diversion tactics I thought I was gonna die and was ready to do so... Its probably just the fever and my fucking jaw hanging and hurtin bad, but I am almost a bit disappointed to remain alive.

Great news, our main network is secure, I repeat our main network is secure, there is no reason to use Horsehead from now on, and it is only a matter of time before we can at the very least consider using our good old "cellphones" for more "intimate" communication, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, this is no time for bromance.

Damn... Viscount just passed away, not from the cold but from sniper fire earlier, we have of course relocated since, yet they are just toying with us at this moment, the brunt force of their guys are losing their patience and will soon arrive, this should be fun.

Ps: Make sure you send at least 50 men to check up on Liz, and do not leave her side until this is over, my wife is safe and sound as well, and as mentioned above, I got shot a couple of times in the leg, but I if I die, it certainly will be from the fever, and not from any minor damage, and the fever aint that bad.

Lets keep our main communications where it belongs, I am sure people would like to post their little Anti-Jokes in peace, at least until I am back and controversial again, which wont be for long... Feverish man has to have some fun once this is over...

Do not reply on horsehead, and if I might suggest so, focus on stealth from here on in order to keep the friendly death count down, I suggest you disable their explosives, and leave the rest for the authorities, just make sure you dont make it in the news or something huh? We wont succeed in our goals if our existence is compromised, and once it is, the world is really gonna apreciate/hate our actions, setting second and final objective into motion.

Id tell the shadows to watch over you or something cheesy, but I just remembered that you are the freaking shadows.

Now, reply all you want, but on our station and make sure most of you stay alive, we might most likely have to prepare for some payback shortly as the "Ivan" I knew some years back, would never pull this himself...

...On the bright side, he and his "ex comrades" likes working for the South African drug cartel, meaning we wont have to take on any Russian leaders or anything sketchy like that...

...If we have to though, we will.

Okay, head is throbbing now, going to conserve some energy for the final push, leaving the newly appointed "Nero1" to handle the communication with you in the future.

Of hell, btw, do not even dream of sending any reinforcements over here, the lesser we are, the harder we are to find, and the most likely it will seem like we have retreated into Ground Zero`s main bunker.

Id say good luck, but leave nothing to chance, this is not about luck, and if it had been, my team would have been fucked over already, so... Uh... Proceed or whatever they say.


Glad to hear from you too (should I call you sister now? Thats gonna be a bit rough, but I guess I was never old enough to be your stepfather either this is making my headache worse, I sure as hell wont suicide... That unless you do not call my wife that is...

Nah, its just that from what we have been seeing from the cams, these guys are killing people left and right, and well, if anyone of them kill the cops, these bad boys are going to kill everybody, and they obviously mean it. (Well I have also seen a lot of cartoon crocodiles playing the guitar on the wall which might come help us in a pinch, but it might sadly just be the fever).

What I am trying to say, is that if my boys are as rusty as I arm (got it?) then they wont make it without the main man, actually, while I personally never wanted to fight for my people literally, especially not to the death, much of this is my fault too, I should have demanded that little bitches such as your father do as I say, or just leave the plac

Never got the cigar joke huh? I always told you I am going to smoke my first last cigar the day I know I am gonna die, and while I did not mean it literally then, well... Its not a cigar its a stick of some very high explosive whose name I remember when I am not you know... Crocodilles, hey, its even Mickey Mouse there... Finally a chance to kill that piece of shit.

Or maybe I wont smoke it, got to ask my "shadows" how strong it really is, I wont want to kill both of the assholes that got me, and every single of my followers in the process, good thing we got a nice bunch of members huh? And that many are here, and others found their way out somehow, because if we had less, they would all be dead by now... And I cant do shit, problem with my boys, is that they will do much better at infiltrating the place if they know of all the secret entrances and exits this paranoid son of a literal shedog put around... And look at them "Neronists" finally appreciating them as they get out of the place trough them. Well not all our places got them, told you I should have demanded what I wanted rather than... Never mind...

Honestly, call my "shadow people" and them my wife, not sure how long I want to look at those that chose to follow me into what has already become a massacre, so if I make it, I will make sure those that remain not only listen, but actually fucking heed me or gtfo! It might just be the jaw hurting like hell again, but after this there wont be no Mr.Nice guy again... Not that there really was, I am just saying my new attitude will make people remember me as a pretty nice guy in comparison.

I wont kill your father, seems like he will be suffering for life now, he knows he had many chances to change things around and now and he knows it might just be too late now. Either that, or that I decided to break all of his fingers after he attacked me... How dare a tall big man, attack a poor feverish crippled, demented, psychopath with a broken jaw... Did not help the thoughtless son of a bitch tried to punch me in... The Jaw... either.

Damn, I was thinking about getting into action asap, but these "Black Shadows" wont get here in like two days, and then its two days to get back...

Listen, id love a response, but I just got more of these medications "for my fever" but my jaw does not hurt anymore, and I am falling asleep, so either some douche pulled a roofie on me or that other pill I took was a painkiller.

Take care, and remember, I always got a backup plan if the backup plan fails, aaaaaaand as I am starting to get very "whooly" in the head, I am just thinking: Nah if I get shot a lot, there is always Robocop right? Nerocop? Okay I assume this is just for robots and police officers, sorry to say this before I go nitenite, but should I tell you to call the cops on these guys? They have filled the place with explosives, its like a fucking die hard movie except with a lot less broken glass and... Not so many dead yet, I mean things have calmed down now that our vets are done struggling, sigh... Them veterinarians being all macho and not really defending themselves... Or was it war veterans... Mr Crocodile number seven is telling me that I should stop making fun of people dying (but people die all the time!) or else I wont get to kill Mickey Mouse.

Anyway, holy crap these meds are strong as hell, my mouth is foaming like shit and I need to end because I am standing even though I cant feel my legs... Oh right, I am sitting holy crap!

Take care girl, at this rate ill be remembered as the certain one that supposedly makes incredible promises, but then takes people`s souls... You know... GOD? *Cant stop laughing*

Sorry just trying to find something profound to say, maybe some mighty last words such as... Oh right I am going to contact you tomorrow...

...Talk about "mighty" "last" words... I cant feel my... Well lets just say I better go take a leak just in case... I hope I was not always this much of a loudmouth ****... I mean... Nah you turned out just fine after all...

Its time you got to bed too, dont reply, call my wife, then call my brother, and tell him that he is a piece of shit, and that if I die, ill be waiting for him in hell... And then kill him for me. I believe his weakness is a bullet to the head.

See you around, nitenite.

Ps: Ironically no coding here, its just that while I cant stop talking, I cant speak nor shout either, cant move my feet, maybe breaking that baggots hands was a bad idea...

This is like 15 minutes later, a couple of fucking nurses are gonna help me when I am done writing, two male nurses blargh, maybe they will just let me stay here if I keep on typing for all of eternity... Never mind, I typed in big letters "Get me those pretty female ones!" and then apparently did not delete it, they left, hopefully something...

Lol... "Promise them a better life, and then claim their souls so they might eternally serve you" The Black Angel Or God? WHEN I survive I am gonna go back to posting these FACTS every once in a while here again.

God Mathew 0:69 I believe... Sorry I keep forgetting who I am typing to, and my hands are so numb I cant mash the space butoon, oh wait its delete, or backspa... Anyway chat you up tomorrow kiddo.


Hey its Nero7 (seriously I can go back to Nero now that all other six have been murdered)

I can help myself from laughing, not because your "pimp daddy" is crying like a bitch here (I can punch his skull in with a certain arm again if you want), but because I think it was about time you told him how it is....

Okay, and because (sorry babe I dont mean you no harm) "pimp daddy" is so fitting that its funny, but hey, I fucked up by trying to get him to know you again, I might just redeem myself not by breaking no concrete with his skull, but rather by breaking his skull with concrete.

Listen, you better stop using your real name (leave that to a crazy **** like me, nobody believes its even on my birth certificate anyway (crazy ass parents these days huh?)

It will all be okay, the other "Nero`s" went down the way they always wanted to, fighting for whats right, fighting for the good of their people...

...Still feel like shit, my head is not clear yet, but I have a backup plan for all my backup plans ;), I was hoping things could always be resolved peacefully, but you might have heard me talk or type about "my shadows" or "The shadows of Nero right?" Lets just say that I more than once met that **** which walks around the hidden cameras once in a while, and that if he is the leader, he is indeed the leader of a group of spetznas that went rogue...

...Guess its time I told you, these "shadows" are a bunch of spies and assassins I trained after getting trained by a couple of our members that work for a certain... "Federal Bureau Illegal"

You are right about me wanting to do the right thing, but if you had believed it was about talking about how to achieve peace and love all the time, I will have to disappoint you... As much as I once hoped that was possible today
these guys are trained and proven spies and assassins, and I well, not anymore, too old, but this is worth a shot.

A couple days, give or take, and ill be fine, Ill need you to decipher this message (yeah thats why it is unnecessary long sugar bear on for me) Tell my boys that "The Mr.Black needs his shadows" And give them the coordinates, and for **** sake, do not tell them anything else, or else they will most likely come for their caller instead. If they have any questions they will call you back, its that simple...

A lot of good came out of this you know, maybe this dream will soon become my vision for those that seek out the darkness again, because at this point, I bet that at least some people, will at least try respect The Last Nero again... (Let us never use that name again)

Hey, ill make sure I have a backup after this backup, and I will "call you here" yeah those numbers after the phone number embedded in this message, is the day and time (AM) ill contact you again, and if things dont work out... Ill finally get to use my lighter, and lit this stick of cigar I have been keeping around for years, and have one last smoke in a boom of glory.

Hey, speaking of bull, I lied to you back then, I am not 45 or whatever I said, I am 35, I just did not want you to think you where being raised by a kid back then, and in case you wonder why I never brought you back to your mom, its because I spoke with her and she was never really against the idea of your dad making a bit of coke money as long as he shared...

Need to lie down for a bit, lost my contacts, so I am back to using these dorky glasses, when my Shadows call you back, please tell them to send Mr.Black some contact lenses, or a couple of field glasses, ill need them.

Love ya girl, please call my wife and tell her that I love her, and that ill do my best to make it back... Sigh, for dinner or something... Just let her know again if you never hear from us again eh?

Ps: If you want me to kill your father (he has lived a good life, and I made sure he lived one too good for an asshole) then send me the secret code "yes kill my "pimp" daddy.

Please reply, and then its time you go to bed... Says the guy that just admitted he is four years older than you... Sorry for that...


Okay "Mr. Your instructor" "Mr.Fucking hypocrite" You dirty asshole! First I will give you some Intel about what I know about you! Then I will tell you what to do!

Do you remember when you plowed trough a woman and stole her car in order to sell it? Remember when you returned to her, discovered you had had left her pregnant and as such you had a fifteenth year old daughter now? Then how you began drugging your own daughter so she would turn parlor tricks or she would not get her drugs? But you had to try sell her to three guys for some hours to pay your cocaine abuse too!

But that day a certain young man with a metal hand that cracked the wall with your skull and told your daughter he would take care of her until "you got better?
Yeah, that same guy you kept calling for "little crippled sunnuvabicht that keeps sounding like a fucking fortune cookie that is trying to be a messiah" Remember? Or have you already forgotten the man you work for today? Even then you called him a psychopath, a lunatic, a demented fool on a daily basis! I know, because I was a member too back then, but I quit not because I stopped trusting the man you serve and trashtalk, but because I could not stand people like you talking shit about him all day! Because I could not stand that the "fortune cookie sounding/paranoid" "cripple" knew that you treated him like shit behind his back, but believed you where still intelligent and an asset in order to help those in need! So I quit!

Oh, but you did so well after he took your daughter away right? Yeah because your daughter begged "the cripple" that he help her daddy out! Yeah, "that fortune cookie talking guy" gave you half his uncle`s inheritance... Where did you think the money which suddenly appeared in your mailbox came from? Do you think it was out of malice that the same "cripple" came around a month later again bashed your skull and told you it was time to end your coke habit and take care of your family or he would break your spine? You sure went back to the women whose car you stole from, but your daughter was petrified of you!


Do you believe that a man whose only name we all know by is Nero is trying to become a fucking messiah? Does it seem like he cares if you idiots treat him like shit? You do know what Angelo Nero is right? Italian for Black Angel, you do know why he forbids people practicing religion in your goddamned little order right? Messiah wannabe? My ass! It is as he told me pigface, he does not want people to follow Gods or him, he wants people to think for themselves and succeed.

Ill tell you what to do, first, you do not plan shit, because as soon as you act, if those terrorist will track you back, and kill you all SO YOU WAIT! Your "Oh so shameful I earn 98 percent more than my leader" You do not see to have had problems having your own fucking collection of Ferrari`s do you?

Now you make sure Nero7 survives If he says aliens will come kill us all, he is right, if he says that the doctors treating him are spies trying to kill him, you better kill them, and if he tells you to that your daughter would be a much happier person if you took your life, he is right father.

He gave me the "Alias" "Eliza" hoping you would recognize your daughters real name ELIZA you piece of shit! You apparently had no trouble remembering that name when you where moments away from selling me that fifteen year old girl to three pigs!

If he dies, you wont need fear no terrorists "pimp daddy", because then I will kill you myself! I know where you are hiding, its cold there and I got even the coordinates, so if your last hope out there dies, I will sell those coordinates to them, the price? They all gangrape your ass! And kill you! And then you will regret everything! Screwing over your daughter, and letting the man that saved you and me die!

Unless the next reply comes from a fully recovered Nero7 I will call you on my traceable phone, and tell them "Oh daddy lets share information about the orders last hiding place on horsehead network like we do" And if they are willing to take a peek, you better find something else to do, you wont, but I know of someone who can.


Now that you know who I am, I hope in my heart that you have become a better man, and stop asking me shit, because if they can trace my reply, Nero7 would at least have succeeded to save your daughter and made sure she got educated well, but if I reply, and those terrorists find out, you will be the one that screwed over everything he did for me, for us, and get me killed.

Make sure the only person I care about there survives daddy, and THE HELL IF I MEAN YOU!


Anti Joke

What are Antijokes? Anti Jokes (or Anti Humor) is a type of comedy in which the uses is set up to expect a typical joke setup however the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline.

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